What size am I?

Every single product page has a size chart - sometimes you have to scroll down the page to see it. They help ensure you get the right fit. These guides aim to offer the most accurate guide for the greatest number of people, so please do use them. Take your measurements (no breathing in!) and if they fall within the range for a particular size, it is likely to be a good fit for you.

That said, fit is a very personal thing. We all have slightly different body shapes, proportions and preferences about how tight/loose something is, so here’s a few tips to help choose the right size…

  • Size up for a more relaxed fit, or down to be even more aero (especially if you are nearing the top or bottom of a size range)
  • Our sizing generally translates well between Bodyline, Orkaan and Climb & Conquer products. For example, if you are a medium in a Bodyline jersey, it’s very likely that a medium Orkaan will be a good fit for you too. Climb and Conquer tights come up a little smaller, so size up in these.
  • Our Epic and Climbers jerseys are a race fit, so designed to be a tight, aero fit that you may need to stretch to do up. Again, use the sizing charts to help get you a good fit.
  • When you receive your kit and try it on – do so with cycling kit. For example, if you’ve bought a jersey, try it with a pair of shorts/bib-shorts to fully appreciate the fit. A jersey with your jeans compared to with bib-shorts can look and feel very different! It’s also worth considering the fit when you are in the riding position, rather than simply standing up straight. For example, for a jersey/race suit, how does it feel across the shoulders and in the arms when leant forward. If bib shorts, how does the bib feel in the riding position?
  • Tights – we have two types of full length bib tights – Orkaan and Climb and Conquer. The Tempest Orkaan material is slightly more forgiving, as it is a softer and more flexible material. This means they have the potential to be slightly more generous size wise. The Climb and Conquer tights are made from Tempest Protect – a thicker and more rigid material, so definitely size up in these if you are borderline.
  • Tri-suits - the most important measurement for determining a good fit is your height. If you get have the correct length in the body, the fit tends to work due to the compressive nature of the material.
  • Lastly – don’t worry about what size the label says – go with your measurements :)

If you are still not sure or think that you might fall between two sizes, please feel free to contact us with your measurements and we'll make a recommendation.

What is your sizing like compared to other brands?

Our sizing is not particularly small (as some Italian brands can be) but is generally designed as an aero fit. In short, it comes up a little bigger than some, the same as some, and a little smaller than some! For that reason, we always suggest that you use the sizing charts, and if in doubt, drop us a message. Let us know your measurement, what kit you're looking at, what sizes in other brands work for you, and we’ll advise you the best we can.